Decorate Your Way to Better Home Security

Good home security doesn’t have to only be about alarm systems and surveillance equipment. Sure, these are the basics that every home should be prepared with, but securing your abode doesn’t begin or end with a few extra devices. There are actually other very creative ways that you can use your home’s decor and landscaping to increase your safety and security. Here are just a few of the tips we recommend to help you get started.

1. Make a Noisy Entrance

Decorate with gravel for better home security

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Burglars prefer a quiet entrance, so ditch the soft dirt and grass and use gravel for landscaping around your windows and doors, instead. Not only is this an excellent burglary deterrent, but it will also save you money on your water bill!

2. Show Them Your Prickly Side

Use prickly flowers and shrubs to decorate for home security.

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Ditch the lush green shrubbery that offers criminals a comfy hiding space on your property and plant prickly roses, colorful cacti and other uncomfortable but beautiful shrubs, instead. You can landscape your entire yard with these suggestions or just strategically place them around your first-level windows.

3. Get Decorative With Your Gates

Decorate for home security - gates

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Have you seen some of the beautiful wrought iron gates on the market these days? Whether for your yard, your doors and windows or all of the above, your home doesn’t have to look like a prison in order to be well protected. Invest in sturdy gating that will also give your home a bit of decorative flair!

4. Add Some Weight

Decorate your way to home security with heavy doors

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We’re talking doors here! There are some beautiful heavy and solid wood doors that are strong enough to withstand an intruder who may try to kick yours in. Shop around for front and back doors that will make your home stand out without letting intruders in!

5. Make it a Smarthome

Decorate for home security - smarthome

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Decor is one thing, ambiance another. Touch your design elements off with a little soft music that begins to play each time you enter your home or mood lighting that turns on at a certain time each evening. The great thing about using home automation devices to make your house more comfortable is that your home security can also work with many of the smarthome devices on today’s market to give your house an ultra-modern upgrade while keeping it ultra-secure!

Decorate With Home Security in Mind

So, there you have it, a few of our best tips for decorating your way to better home security. Remember, these are just a few to get you started in the right direction. As you plan various changes in your home, it’s always a good idea to question how much each upgrade or design adds to or takes away from your overall home security.

Your Home Security Decor Tips

Have you recently remodeled or redecorated your home? Did you do so with home security in mind? Are you planning any special upgrades soon? This post isn’t over until you say that it is, so please take a moment to weigh in with your questions, ideas and home security concerns below.

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