How To Brighten a Dark Room

SafeResidence offers tips on brightening a dark room

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Is there a dark room or space in your home that you’d like to make brighter? Are you tired of buying lamps and bulbs because nothing seems to cheer your space up? Well, keep reading because we have some great tips to help you brighten even the darkest areas of your home!

Decorate With Neutral Colors

Often, a room isn’t quite as dark as you think it is, but it’s your color scheme that’s making it feel that way. This isn’t to say that you couldn’t use more natural light, only that you can trick the eye into recognizing the existing light just by choosing neutral colors for your walls, ceiling, flooring, window coverings and, of course, furnishings. White, beige, tan…all of these colors can do wonders for a dark room!

Go Minimal

Have you tried to fit too much stuff into a dark room? Try to keep furnishings, art and other knick knacks to a minimum in order to create an illusion of having more light. You may also want to try smaller furnishings that are lighter in weight to give the room a airier feel.

Use Potted Plants

A little greenery can go a long way in lightening a dark room. Research which plants will thrive best in your indoor low-light environment and use some of these to add life to your space. While live plants are always the best route for this tip, you can substitute with life-like artificial plants if you don’t have a green thumb!

Add String Lighting

Lace a strand or two of white string lights through your plants to add a little extra light and ambiance to a room. Actually, you can use string lighting in a lot of other creative ways to brighten a dark room, too. Just check out some of these DIY ideas on Pinterest and start transforming your room right away!

Go Crazy With LED Light Strips

As with string lights, LED strips are a great way to brighten a dark room. You can place strips beneath countertops, around frames and even underneath things like sofas and chairs. The possibilities are endless if you are willing to be a bit creative in brightening your dark room!

Wall-Mounted Lighting

In an effort to free space and keep a room light (pun intended) and airy, add a few decorative wall sconces to your dark room. For added effect, place these lights on a dimmer switch and control your lighting throughout the day.

Use Mirrors

Place mirrors at strategic points so that they can pick up and bounce light around your dark room. Don’t limit yourself to wall mirrors, either. Think about using other tools like mirrored tile and mirrored picture frames. You may even want to place an oversized wall mirror on the floor and prop it on a wall across from one of your favorite lighting sconces. Whichever you choose, mirrors always bring a blast of light to a room so use them wherever and however you see fit!

Your Dark Room Ideas

Since this is a topic that many people struggle with, we hope that you’ll chime in with a few more tips of your own. And if you have questions about brightening a dark room, by all means, leave them below and we’ll try our best to help. As always, if you need help securing your home or just have questions about doing so, we’re always available to assist in that area, too!

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