Dangerous Home Security Attitudes


Do You Have a Dangerous Home Security Attitude?

Have you ever assured someone that your home is safe from burglary because you have a vicious attack dog, a firearm or even because someone is always on watch at your house? Don’t worry, we’re not here to reprimand you (much), but we do want to highlight some of these dangerous home security attitudes and how they may be putting you and your family at risk. Certainly, even if you’ve never made these statements, you know someone who has. The following are just a few reasons why each of these statements are a danger to your home security.

Canine Protection

Many people avoid getting a burglar alarm believing, instead, that a dog will give them better protection against break-ins. The idea here is that the dog’s presence acts as a deterrent; her barking acts as an alarm and her bite…well, you get it. The danger in relying on a dog for home security, however, is that animals are sometimes inured while protecting a home. One need only perform a basic web search to read story after story about animals that are sedated, poisoned, shot, stabbed or otherwise harmed by brazen intruders.

Firearm Protection

It is not unusual to hear people boast about protecting their home with a gun’s presence. While this method can serve as a strong deterrent, it is also a risky approach to home security when relied upon alone. First, a gun only stands a chance of being effective if someone is home to use it. Second, relying upon a gun may usher a certain amount of confidence for the proper owner, but what happens when another family member must use it? Or when no one is at home to use it at all? Even worse, how effective is firearm protection if a weapon falls into the criminal’s hands, instead? The list of risks associated with using a firearm for sole home security protection goes on, but the main point here is that, even if a firearm is in the home, a monitored alarm system is a far more reliable choice.

Human Protection

Some homeowners feel a sense of comfort because a family member is always at home. Be it because of opposite work schedules, a retired member of the household being on-site or even a caretaker on the property during daytime hours, many believe that human presence is enough to deter a burglary. It is not. Just as a vast amount of burglaries happen during broad daylight, a high number of them also take place while someone is at home. Often these people are hurt during a robbery’s commission and all are certainly frightened out of their wits.

Nothing Offers the Protection Of an Actual Home Security System

While each of the above can offer a level of deterrence and protection, none should be relied upon for home security, alone. A wireless or hardwired home security system trumps all and even more so if it is professionally monitored. Certainly your home and your family are worth using the best protection available.

What Do You Think?

Are you guilty of entertaining these dangerous home security attitudes? What other dangerous ideas have you encountered? We look forward to reading your responses below.

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