How Do Criminals Get Inside: Classic Security Mistakes

One thing you may have noticed about home security websites is they can be somewhat repetitive but have you ever wondered why? We write about home security and residential crime all the time – that means reading a lot of police reports and crime statistics, not just industry news but what’s happening out there in the real world! California to Connecticut; Your world, where you live…

And the reports and the statistics show us that people keep repeating the same security mistakes; over and over and we’d really like it to stop. Believe me – we’ve experienced crime first hand and it’s not nice so let’s stop being easy targets and put the bad guys out of business!

Here’s a round-up of the classic security mistakes making the news this fall. These are just a few of the dozens of incidents that illustrate each mistake in action. – all the examples are taken from crimes that occurred in October and early November of 2014.


Why do we keep leaving windows open?

It’s hard to know which occurs more frequently, the open window or the unlocked door. Both happen all the time. This can be a costly security mistake.

In one burglary, a suspect removed a screen from an open and unlocked bathroom window and entered the home. Jewelry, cash and small electronics were stolen.

In Kansas, police were called to a home burglarized through an open window. The resident told police that a firearm and medication were missing.


Why don’t we lock our doors?

The number of intruders who enter homes through unlocked doors is frightening and it’s often at night and this makes it a doubly dangerous security mistake with the possibility of confrontation.

Police in Milwaukee said the burglary occurred around 8:00 p.m.; the victim told police she walked in to find a stranger had entered her bedroom through an open sliding glass door.

One Californian suspect, arrested for a string of residential burglaries, confessed to burglarizing each of the homes, some of which he had entered through unlocked doors.

In Arizona, a home was burglarized in broad daylight. Access was gained through an unlocked door – the victim said. “We’re being more vigilant, locking all windows and doors…Stolen items include a laptop computer, iPad, an external computer hard drive and sentimental jewelry.

Electronics and jewelry were stolen from a home in California by thieves who entered through an unlocked rear door.


Securing a sliding glass door is simple

Entry to the Texas home was made via a rear sliding glass door, and an unspecified quantity of jewelry, a 32-inch flat-screen television and designer wristwatch were reported stolen.


Don’t give crooks the tools

Another security mistake; ladders, garden tools, even patio furniture can be used to get inside. Heavy items can be used by thieves to gain access

A County sheriff’s deputy responded to a report of residential burglary – Entry was gained by throwing a large concrete plant pot through a bay window of the home, according to authorities.

Aside from the items stolen, $5,000 in damage was caused to the residence.


Forgetting to lock the garage doors

If you don’t have a manual lock fitted to your garage door, you can use a c-clamp tightened down on each side of the door track to effectively “lock” down the door.

Illinois police were called to investigate a burglary around 2:00 a.m. Friday – the suspects had entered an open garage, taken items, and left just minutes before police arrived.

Whenever a string of burglaries occur, local law enforcement agencies will urge residents to take the “usual precautions to protect their property.” Here on you will find all the “usual precautions,” and all the security mistakes you don’t want to make. Every article is a resource, free to use.

Other recommendations include having a current inventory of your possessions and we also suggest activating location services on Apple products and GPS location functions. But the bottom line is for the very best protection and security for your home, your loved ones and peace-of-mind, nothing can beat a home security alarm system.


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