These Cool House Ideas Are Simple and Awesome!

Multi-Purpose Furniture

Unless you’re a minimalist, you’ve probably got a lot of stuff that can build its way up to clutter if you’re not very careful. We highly recommend multi-purpose furniture to that gives you extra “out of sight, out of mind” space when you need it. Check out this ottoman, which is perfect for storing gaming devices, extra remote controls, toys and a plethora of other items that you want to keep close at hand, but neatly tucked away.

Cool house ideas often involve multi-purpose furniture like this storage ottoman.

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Screw It!

Cool house ideas that help improve your home security are the absolute best ever! Here, we find that swapping the small manufacturer screws in your door strike with much longer ones can actually make a world of difference. Once you’ve taken the time to change your screws, an intruder will find it quite difficult to kick your door in with just one or two forceful attempts.

One of several cool house ideas for home improvement and security at

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Create a Sliding Kitchen Cabinet

This idea isn’t just good for those low on space, but really anyone who is bored with the traditional idea of a kitchen full of cabinets (many of which end up being wasted space or places filled with a lot of useless items!). If you’re into convenience and want to save a little space, try positioning a sliding kitchen cabinet in between your fridge and your counter top.

Another of several non-traditional cool house ideas curated by

(DIY Tutorial via Classy Clutter,

See? We told you that these ideas were pretty simple, yet awesome and affordable at the same time. Little changes like these can make a big difference in the appearance and function of the spaces in your home.

Your Cool House Ideas

What cool house ideas have you discovered lately? Tell us all about them and let us know what you think about our share. Which was your favorite and which will you try first? Our posts are never finished until we hear from you, so floor is all yours now. Please also do us a favor and share this post with your social media friends so that they can enjoy a few cool house ideas, too!

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