Consider Adding a Glass Break Detector to Your Alarm System

Glass Break Detector

What Is a Glass Break Detector?

Just like it sounds, a glass break detector is a sensor which attaches to glass and triggers an alarm if that glass is ever broken. Most often, such sensors are applied to windows and sliding glass doors in order to better secure them against break-ins. A separate alarm system is required, of course, but most can be programmed to interact with an existing system.

Will Adding a Glass Break Detector Be Expensive?

In comparison to repairing a broken window or replacing stolen items, no. Wireless systems are available through most home security companies and are moderately priced. Installation costs are usually minimal and some can even be purchased from an alarm dealer and be self-installed.

Do I Really Need a Glass Break Detector?

Yes. In fact, you probably need more than one. With windows and doors being the most common entry point for burglars, these are the areas that must be secured to the best of your ability. While the door and window contacts that come with your alarm system offer good security, an intruder may still be able to access your home without triggering one of these if your windows are large enough.

See, your window sensors only trigger your alarm system when a sensor and its corresponding magnet separate (i.e. when your window is opened). If a window is simply broken and a thief is able to crawl through that space, it is very possible that your alarm will not trigger.

A Burglar Alarm Or a Home Security System?

When contemplating the addition of a glass break detector, it may help to remember that home security is all about creating a system designed to keep burglars out. A homeowner should never rely on a single device alone, but should use multiple devices and strategies in order to create layers of protection which help deter or interrupt intruders. An alarm is, by far, the best deterrent against burglary, but it should be viewed as one component of a more complete home security system. This system, of course, includes surveillance cameras, security lighting and, yes, a glass break detector on every window in your home.

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