Classic Tricks Crooks Use to Get Inside Your Home


Don’t be duped! Arm yourself with information and stay vigilant, because the bad guys have a bag of tricks crooks use to get inside your home. And the awful part is, although we all know better, these tricks crooks use still work.

Astonishingly, it happens, and it happens every day, somewhere in America, probably somewhere in your state and even in your town!


The Friendly Stranger at Your Door

Someone walks up your path, knocks on your door and with a big, cheery smile says “Hi…I’m the cable guy.” So, you let them in, show them where the connections are and leave them to get to work. You may even offer them a cup of coffee…

But when you come back in the room, that nice “cable guy” is nowhere to be seen and neither is your mobile phone, your wife’s purse and who knows what else.

The horrible reality is you’ve just become a victim of the tricks crooks use to get inside homes. But don’t feel too bad, you have plenty of company. Police reports are full of identical cases, happening all the time and the reason they take place so often is because these tricks crooks use are effective.


Police Report It Works

From a local news report last week we read that police are searching for a man who posed as a cable repairman in order to gain entry into two homes and steal property. Both incidents occurred Thursday morning in the same neighborhood.

The first couple told police how a man posing as a cable company employee, paid them an unexpected visit; their surveillance video shows them letting him in. But by the time they knew he wasn’t the cable guy, it was too late and he got away with a smart phone.

About an hour later, in the same neighborhood, using the same gambit, the thief stole a purse with ATM and various credit cards and the victim’s driver’s license.

In both cases, the victims were safe, albeit shaken, understandably so because when your home, your place of refuge, is violated, it’s a major trauma.


Stay Vigilant

This just goes to show that we all need to stay vigilant and ask for identification when someone we don’t know, or don’t expect, knocks on our door. And hey… cable guys get a lot of bad rap but you need to look out for other bogus service personnel or strangers asking to use the bathroom, get a glass of water, wash your windows, even fix your roof?

Crooks pose as alarm company technicians, health department inspectors, city workers and criminals even pose as policemen. And these are just some of the successful tricks crooks use, which we know about from news reports where bad guys scammed their way inside homes and grabbed what they could.

The tricks crooks use, work so well because they play on our emotions, the psychological need we all have to be nice guys, polite and kind – nobody wants to be that nasty person; the grouch who’s always mean, unfriendly, suspicious or cynical but guess what? All we need to do is nicely ask to see some ID… BEFORE, we let anybody inside our homes.

Personnel from a reputable business should have a company ID with them at all times and present it upon request. Don’t risk your possessions or your safety needlessly. Stay vigilant, stay safe.


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