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Personal Security Gifts

Give a personal security gift to someone you love and help protect them from evil criminals. We live in an era where no one is really safe in public or at home. While we all hope that we never have to fight for our lives or to protect a loved one or even to protect

Security Tips For Travelers

Don’t hit the road without reviewing a few home and travel security tips first! While this is the time of year when many of you are looking forward to a family getaway, this is also the time of year when thieves are looking for someone to rob. Luckily, there are a few devices and strategies

Pepper Spray: An Effective Addition to Home Security?

As the holiday season moves into full throttle and residential crime escalates, more and more homeowners, wary of owning a firearm, are considering boosting their existing home security with a pepper spray. But it’s important to remember that any spray designed to be used for self-defense is a tool and is restricted by the ability

Residential Fires: Avoid Holiday Tragedy

Every winter, with the arrival of cold weather, fire departments around America see a spike in residential fires. And come December, additional risks are created by careless and negligent uses of holiday decorations. Statistics released annually confirm that residential fires are a needless holiday tragedy that can usually be avoided. It’s no secret that when

Good News, Bad News and Some Crime News Reports

The good crime news is that from 2013, major crime stats across the US began to fall. But police warn that despite the reduction in some categories, notably homicide, rape, robbery and assault, other categories are creeping back up. This bad crime news applies to states like California, where there has been an upsurge in

Quick Personal Security Tips For Busy People

Everyone can use a few personal security tips. Some will act as a reminder of what you already know and others will give you food for thought on protecting yourself while you move about the world. Busy people, in particular, need to pay attention to the following personal security tips as we can sometimes find

Quick Thinking Stops a Crook in His Tracks

  Local news reports constantly confirm that burglaries, housebreaking, robberies and home invasions continue with worrying regularity. It’s not often a victim can stop a crook. For one thing the victim has to be present when the crime is being committed. Just that fact alone, puts the incident into the category of a home invasion

Paranoid or Proactive: Don’t Be a Crime Victim

  It’s Saturday, you’re waiting in line at the checkout in a busy store just looking around and odds are that any one of the people waiting in line with you, have been a crime victim at least once. This is one crime statistic it would be all too easy to ignore. Recent data indicates