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Can Neighbor Burglary Happen To You?

Neighbor burglary is more common than you might want to believe. While you may think it can’t happen to you, ask yourself how well you know your neighbors. How well do you know their secret habits, their criminal histories or their trustworthiness? What about your neighbor’s teenagers and their friends? Who is in a better

Classic Tricks Crooks Use to Get Inside Your Home

  Don’t be duped! Arm yourself with information and stay vigilant, because the bad guys have a bag of tricks crooks use to get inside your home. And the awful part is, although we all know better, these tricks crooks use still work. Astonishingly, it happens, and it happens every day, somewhere in America, probably

15 Ideas For Future Neighborhood Watch Meetings

Neighborhood watch meetings are important to good home security. If you’re struggling with topics to share with your group, don’t fret. In just a moment we’re going to discuss a few ideas and topics that will help keep your meetings moving in a productive direction. Don’t try to tackle all of these in a single

Are Internet Habits Threatening Your Home Security?

I’m frequently surprised at the home security breaches and risky behavior I observe online. And, no, I’m not talking about teenagers who overshare in an attempt to hookup with a guy or a girl. I’m not even talking about those popular check-in apps which advertise that you are currently away from home enjoying a good

Quick Thinking Stops a Crook in His Tracks

  Local news reports constantly confirm that burglaries, housebreaking, robberies and home invasions continue with worrying regularity. It’s not often a victim can stop a crook. For one thing the victim has to be present when the crime is being committed. Just that fact alone, puts the incident into the category of a home invasion

15 Times Guns Weren’t the Best Home Security Option

Guns are not always the best or safest choice for home security. Don’t worry, this post is not intended to stir up debate over the right to bear arms or to protect one’s property with a weapon. Simply, it is a reminder to all that a monitored alarm system, surveillance cameras and deterrents can be

Is Home Security Needed In a Good Neighborhood?

Some appear to be under the mistaken assumption that a home security system is not a high priority for people living in “good neighborhoods”. Presumably, good neighborhoods are those where people are neighborly toward one another, where property values are high and where good schools are plentiful. If I’m wrong about this definition, please let

Safe as Houses: Windows…Are Yours Secure?

  Conventional wisdom tells us that most burglaries are crimes of opportunity; don’t provide any opportunities and you’ll be vastly improving your odds. With most crooks being relatively unsophisticated, the favored ways to get inside your home are the same ones you use – external doors and windows. Assuming you’ve secured your doors and their