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Smart Technology: Are Smart Locks All That Clever?

In the world of home security, smart technology was the biggest buzz of 2014. In theory, smart technology is beautiful in its simplicity; link your world by accessing everything in your home anytime, anywhere using your mobile device. Smartphone integration was already a feature of smart thermostats and TV controls when additional appliances were added

Pepper Spray: An Effective Addition to Home Security?

As the holiday season moves into full throttle and residential crime escalates, more and more homeowners, wary of owning a firearm, are considering boosting their existing home security with a pepper spray. But it’s important to remember that any spray designed to be used for self-defense is a tool and is restricted by the ability

16 DIY Home Security Projects

DIY home security is the most affordable option for fortifying your home. In some instances, this requires purchasing equipment from a home security company for a do-it-yourself installation. And in other cases, projects are as simple as heading to your local hardware store or even just making a few maintenance adjustments to your home. You

Gift a Senior With Home Security

Aging adults can be largely unaware of modern advances in home security. Many of these include smarthome applications, which can also seem foreign or intimidating to even the most active seniors. These devices, however, can significantly enhance a mature adult’s security, as well as give other loved ones peace of mind. Burglar Alarm Enhancements Of

15 Home Security Warnings For the Holiday Season

Good home security is particularly important during the holiday season. It’s at this time of year when you’re more likely to store expensive items at your home, leave your house unattended more often and even have more guests than you ordinarily would. Burglars know this and are hoping you’re too distracted to practice your normal

The Burglars You’d Never Suspect

When we think of burglars, we think of shady characters who are usually drug addicted and who lurk in the shadows by day while robbing folk blind by night. Of course, these guys are often just that…guys– lazy, shiftless, largely uneducated and without any sort of moral compass. After all, who else would so blatantly

15 Advances In Modern Home Security

Often, when I listen to conversations about home security, I notice people referring to how the industry used to be and what it used to offer. It is not unusual to find that people aren’t very knowledgeable when it comes to present-day equipment and all of the ways that devices have evolved. From alarm systems

Wireless Alarm Security: Versatile Safety Net When Winter Strikes

Has winter caught you by surprise? The season always sees an uptick in residential fires and needless tragedies like this one last year. We’d like to remind you to test all the CO and smoke detectors in your home – if you haven’t already done so – and change any batteries older that one year.