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Spring Clean Your Way to Better Home Security

Building solid home security should be a year-round endeavor and a good spring cleaning is an opportunity to boost your focus even more. What does spring cleaning have to do with home security, you ask? Well, you’ll see in just a moment as we present some ways to merge your efforts to include both! 1.

Protect Your Home With Thorny Bushes

Looking for a natural way to protect your home? Thorny bushes are your answer! We’ve curated a list of some of the most prickly plants and flowers that you can position around your windows in an effort to keep intruders out. Thorny Rose Bush Having thorny bushes around your home doesn’t have to be an

STOLEN PROPERTY: Get Your Stuff Back!

Been burglarized? There’s no surefire way to get your stolen property back, but we have some tips that can certainly help. Even if you’ve never been burglarized before, continue reading for advice on how to up your chances of recovering your stolen property if you ever find yourself in such an unfortunate position. Write Down

5 Insanely Good Hiding Spots For Your Valuables

Let’s face it, the internet has pretty much outed all the good hiding spots for stashing cash and valuables at home. The fake outlet safe and the hollowed out book are both nifty ideas, but a thief who’s spent any time online is aware of these popular DIY home security safes. So, if a burglar

15 Cheap Home Security Solutions

Granted, home security systems cost a lot less than they used to. From wireless equipment to gadgets that offer plug-and-play simplicity, there are literally dozens of inexpensive ways to secure a home. A lot of simple and even old-fashioned solutions are also very useful when it comes to protecting family and valuables. Today, we thought

GPS Burglary: Just a New Trend or Here to Stay?

As if thieves didn’t have enough advantages against average law abiding citizens already, say hello to the GPS burglar. Enterprising criminals who aren’t afraid to harness technology for their nefarious purposes have taken the next step and are using GPS to keep tabs on their victim’s whereabouts. While GPS burglaries haven’t yet reached epidemic proportions,

How Vigilant Are You About Crime?

Burglaries and vandalism crimes are so commonplace until many of them don’t even make our local newspapers. This is particularly true when these events happen in large cities. Have break-ins become so frequent that we are becoming desensitized to them? Do we even pay attention to some of the red flags indicating that a crime

15 Reasons To Install a Surveillance System

A solid home security plan always includes a video surveillance system. Now, this may mean a single camera or it may involve a multi-channel system with two or as many as sixteen separate cameras. Whether hidden or mounted in plain sight, a surveillance system can deter crime and serve a variety of other useful home