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Garage Security: Taking Care of Your Transport

    Is Your Ride in Danger Garages are easy marks and a favorite way for thieves to get inside your house.  Crooks scout around for potential objectives, checking out targets with simple entry points and of course the easier the better.  It’s often the lack of garage security that provides that key weak spot

Old Fashioned Neighborhood Watch: Good or Bad

    Are You Watching Your Neighbors?  Aside from a home security alarm system, the next best weapon in our arsenal against crime is the decidedly low-tech deterrent of the neighborhood watch.  The whole concept of strong communities watching out for each other began with our founding fathers and ye olde town watchman. In colonial

12 Steps to Choosing the Best Home Security

  Where to Start Installing a home security system is a really important decision to make. Sure, there aren’t many visible instant rewards. The little plastic wall boxes, flashing “eyes” and cool alarm key rings are cute, surveillance cameras are reassuring, and the signage is deterring. But having signed that contract, you want to know

New Angles on an Old Trade: Ruse Burglary

    The Rip-off Entrepreneurs Everyone is entrepreneurial these days; even common criminals are getting creative when it comes to gaining entry to your property and ruse burglary is on the rise. Hoping to get a better haul, crafty thieves can study a neighborhood for weeks before they pick their target and strike. They will

The Dangers of Home Invasion

    Unprovoked Attacks In today’s news, a man is recovering after he was taken hostage during a home invasion. According to police, three robbers charged into the home just after 9 p.m. Wednesday 13 November 2013, kidnapped him and tied up his wife. Yesterday, across the country, in a separate incident, three men forced

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

    Making Crooks Uncomfortable  Although elements of CPTED are referred to individually in security applications, the complete CPTED is the right way it should be implemented. This theory, popular in modern crime prevention, promotes modifying existing environments in order to influence human behavior. CPTED objectives are to create a distinct sense of discomfort for

3 Ways Techno-Burglars Know You

      The Techno-Burglar We’ve been taught about the average burglar. He follows definite patterns, has been profiled thousands of times and influences many of the security decisions we make. But recently a new breed of burglar has surfaced. Sure, there aren’t many around yet but in the light of recent successes, there’ll be

Coming Through the Roof!

    A Hole Through the Roof Alison P couldn’t believe her eyes. Arriving home from work one afternoon, she found her bedroom ransacked and her collection of heirloom jewellery gone. Shocked and more than a little afraid, Alison retreated down the stairs  and outside to call the police. But how had the thief gotten