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Sell Your House Safely: 6 Steps

    Essential Security Measures Selling your own home can save a packet. But it takes a lot of work and to sell your house safely, you’ll need a good game plan. It isn’t always obvious but to sell your house safely can be time-consuming and you’ll need a sense of detachment. Even if you

Plan Ahead: 5 Steps to Beat the Odds

      Plan ahead to Prevent Crime Take the initiative and plan ahead so that your home doesn’t become easy pickings. A few simple steps, put into place, can save you from becoming a victim. To plan ahead effectively, do some research, invest a weekend’s worth of time and make some well thought-out changes.

Ensuring Your Safety: Panic Pendants

      What is a Panic Pendant? We talk a lot about securing your home from break-ins and burglaries that occur when no one is home. But imagine a situation, a home invasion for example, when you urgently need help but there’s no one around to come to your aid. Enter the panic alarm

Residential Fires:How Fire Monitoring Saves Lives

    Not all Fire Alarms are Created Equal The e-mail I received from a colleague just after Christmas was heart-breaking. She apologized for not responding to my latest e-mail and the reason? Three days before Christmas, her best friend lost all three of her children in a fire that gutted their home… The cause

Home Security: 5 Basics You Need to Know

  Burglary is Preventable Burglary is one of the easiest crimes to prevent, but unfortunately, one of the most common. These are some of the basics that can increase home security and prevent a burglary from happening to you or someone you love. If you’ve been reading here awhile, you’ll know that there are some

Safeguard Against Holiday Theft

    Why Holiday Theft Happens It’s that season again. We all know what that means? Football, food, family and fun! Presents everywhere and every year the toys and goodies get bigger and better. Is it any wonder that holiday theft increases year after year? There’s a reason holiday theft is such a big deal.

Keeping Kids Safe at Home When You Can’t be There

     Crime Has no Age Limit As a general rule, for children to be safe at home, we’re talking about teens and preteens, from about 10 to 19 years old. Experts agree that for most children under the age of ten, being home unsupervised is a bad idea. But age alone doesn’t mean a

Crash and Smash Break-ins: Stop Them

    As crimes go, crash and smash is about as primitive as you can get. Crash and smash is what it sounds like: Burglars “crash” into your house and “smash” your alarm system so it never sends an alarm signal. Because it’s a crude but effective way to rob your home, the home security