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No Holidays for Home Burglaries

After summer, the next busiest time for home burglaries starts now as the holiday season picks up. While everybody’s busy with end-of-year functions, traveling for the holidays, shopping and shipping presents, home burglaries spike. Burglary experts say the master bedroom nearly always gets hit first. Most crooks know the master bedroom is where people like

Happy Holidays: 7 tips for Seasonal Home Security

Okay, Halloween’s over…and Thanksgiving’s nearly here. The arrival of the festive season means reconnecting with friends and family, fantastic food, presents and burglars! Whoa, hold on…what have burglars got to do with anything? It’s an unfortunate reality that while the majority are full of seasonal good cheer, there are bad guys just waiting for any

Classic Tricks Crooks Use to Get Inside Your Home

  Don’t be duped! Arm yourself with information and stay vigilant, because the bad guys have a bag of tricks crooks use to get inside your home. And the awful part is, although we all know better, these tricks crooks use still work. Astonishingly, it happens, and it happens every day, somewhere in America, probably

Quick Thinking Stops a Crook in His Tracks

  Local news reports constantly confirm that burglaries, housebreaking, robberies and home invasions continue with worrying regularity. It’s not often a victim can stop a crook. For one thing the victim has to be present when the crime is being committed. Just that fact alone, puts the incident into the category of a home invasion

Safe as Houses: Windows…Are Yours Secure?

  Conventional wisdom tells us that most burglaries are crimes of opportunity; don’t provide any opportunities and you’ll be vastly improving your odds. With most crooks being relatively unsophisticated, the favored ways to get inside your home are the same ones you use – external doors and windows. Assuming you’ve secured your doors and their

Don’t Turn Halloween Into A Nightmare

With the arrival of Halloween, it’s official, the holiday season’s begun. Parties, costumes, candy, family fun, Jack-o-lanterns and … property crime! Hey, wait-up, what’s with the crime bit? Well, it’s probably no coincidence that October gives us Halloween right at the end of National Crime Prevention Month. Just think, hordes of trick-or-treaters out roaming the

Top Tips for Renters Security

   Security for Renters According to the National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC), over 38% of Americans rent their homes. Apartments and condominiums take a big slice of that percentage but there are also many who rent single family residences. Renters’ security becomes an issue when we see that out of the 2.2 million break-ins reported

Burglary Fallout: Get Your Life Back

  Burglary Fallout My friend Alicia B. is a longtime, clued-up city dweller. When her house was broken into and ransacked last year, she never anticipated the emotional tail-spin that followed the crime. Television, the internet and other media are full of good ideas to stay safe and protect your home. But no one actually