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Neighborhood Safety Tips for Kids to Play Outside

Let’s face it, kids today just don’t play outside freely like they used to. When my generation was growing up, we would come home from school every day, throw our backpack in the house, and take off until either dark or dinner time. This playtime with the other kids in the neighborhood usually consisted of

Protect Your Home With Thorny Bushes

Looking for a natural way to protect your home? Thorny bushes are your answer! We’ve curated a list of some of the most prickly plants and flowers that you can position around your windows in an effort to keep intruders out. Thorny Rose Bush Having thorny bushes around your home doesn’t have to be an

STOLEN PROPERTY: Get Your Stuff Back!

Been burglarized? There’s no surefire way to get your stolen property back, but we have some tips that can certainly help. Even if you’ve never been burglarized before, continue reading for advice on how to up your chances of recovering your stolen property if you ever find yourself in such an unfortunate position. Write Down

Residential Fires: Avoid Holiday Tragedy

Every winter, with the arrival of cold weather, fire departments around America see a spike in residential fires. And come December, additional risks are created by careless and negligent uses of holiday decorations. Statistics released annually confirm that residential fires are a needless holiday tragedy that can usually be avoided. It’s no secret that when

Identity Theft: A Growing Problem

Last year in this article, it was pointed out that over twelve million people in the US were victims of identity theft in 2012. The current figures now indicate that nineteen Americans become victims of identity theft every minute; a staggering number that leaves approximately 15 million people affected annually by this fast growing crime,

Wireless Alarm Security: Versatile Safety Net When Winter Strikes

Has winter caught you by surprise? The season always sees an uptick in residential fires and needless tragedies like this one last year. We’d like to remind you to test all the CO and smoke detectors in your home – if you haven’t already done so – and change any batteries older that one year.

How Do Criminals Get Inside: Classic Security Mistakes

One thing you may have noticed about home security websites is they can be somewhat repetitive but have you ever wondered why? We write about home security and residential crime all the time – that means reading a lot of police reports and crime statistics, not just industry news but what’s happening out there in

Unlocked Vehicles and Open Garages: Opportunity Knocks

You look after your smartphone and your laptop and for sure, you know where your wallet is all the time, don’t you? You’d never leave any of these valuable items out in plain view, unguarded for even five minutes, would you? Well, we’re asking because a lot of people are doing exactly that – leaving