The Burglars You’d Never Suspect

When we think of burglars, we think of shady characters who are usually drug addicted and who lurk in the shadows by day while robbing folk blind by night. Of course, these guys are often just that…guys– lazy, shiftless, largely uneducated and without any sort of moral compass. After all, who else would so blatantly disobey the Golden Rule and ignore the law in order to steal from other hardworking citizens?

If you’re guilty of this type of thinking– and if we are forced to admit it, we all are– then this post is for you. While the typical burglar is usually a twenty-something male and drugs are often a motivating factor, burglars don’t always fit this description. In fact, many have been burglarized by people who no one would ever suspect.

Check out a few such burglars:

1. Pastors Turned Burglars

No one would ever suspect a pastor of leading a double life as a burglar. Imagine the shock, then, when Rickey Alan Reed’s former parishioner caught the Tennessee pastor breaking into his home. The first break-in was undoubtedly mind-boggling, but when the pastor attempted a second burglary at the same residence that had to have been surreal.

Rickey Alan Reed isn’t the only pastor accused of burglary either. There are several including former pastor Sandy McGriff who was found carrying a parishioner’s Christmas gifts out of their home after climbing through the family’s window. Caught loading fur coats and laptops into her car, Pastor McGriff maintains that she was protecting these items from burglars she’d seen at the house earlier that evening.

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2. Pretty Woman Suspect

When asked to describe a typical burglar, most people automatically imagine a male suspect. Few, if any, imagine a woman and even fewer expect a woman to drop-dead gorgeous. Well, recently, photos of a notorious female burglary suspect went viral on the internet. Currently facing more than 100 counts of burglary in Canada, Stephanie Beaudoin currently holds the title for the prettiest cat burglar ever.

3. Friendly Neighbor

We’ve talked to you before about incidents where neighbors have burglarized other neighbors. Earlier this month, another neighbor was accused of burglary. This time it was Michelle Phelan of Connecticut who is accused of stealing prescription medications from her neighbor after surveillance cameras captured her entering the neighbor’s home without permission while the family was away.

4. The Celebrity

When some think about burglars, they may imagine fictional characters depicted by actors in various films and television shows. Few would ever think that a celebrity would actually be accused of being a burglar in real life. But who can forget Lindsay Lohan being accused of stealing from one of her wealthy friends? Lindsay doesn’t actually make the list of suspected burglars since there wasn’t enough evidence to prosecute her, but the very fact that she was accused should alert everyone reading to the possibility that would-be burglars may come in many shapes, sizes, genders and occupations.

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5. The Police Officer

The very last group of people anyone expects to become burglars are police officers. Yet and still, veteran cop Joseph Stanley Harden of the Baltimore County Police Department stands accused of breaking into a suspected drug dealers home not to arrest him, but to steal drugs to satisfy his Oxycodone addiction. This officer’s arrest follows that of another officer, Darren Anthony Fox, of Oregon who has since joined the ranks of convicted burglars after breaking into a home in search of drugs to support his addiction, as well.

The Burglars Around You

As you can see, all burglars aren’t alike and it’s difficult to know if your home is being targeted at any given time. Busting stereotypes wide open, this post underscores the fact that you can never be too careful with your belongings, nor can you afford to blindly trust that anyone is above breaking into your home. From police officers and pastors to beautiful women and popular celebrities, burglars and burglary suspects are everywhere.

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