Backyard Ideas That Actually Increase Privacy and Security

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If you’re looking for backyard ideas, you’ve come to the right place. See, we recently discussed home design ideas that will increase your home security and, though we did mention a few relating to your home’s exterior, we want to focus specifically on your backyard now. Many of you would like a little privacy in that area, but you’re also concerned about security. We’ve got you covered with backyard ideas like:

Outdoor Surveillance

Backyard ideas that actually increase privacy and security - outdoor surveillance

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Did you know that surveillance cameras can be positioned in trees, in lanterns, atop gates and at various other places throughout your yard? Cameras may be obvious to the eye or they can even be hidden in flowerpots and other objects. As with our recommendations about outdoor lighting, you just want to be sure that the surveillance equipment you choose is made for the outdoors and that it has the proper IP rating for your home’s climate.

Living Walls

Backyard Ideas That Actually Increase Privacy and Security - Living Walls

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Nothing says privacy like a wall or a tall fence. Aesthetically speaking, a concrete wall isn’t always the most attractive. So, next up in our list of backyard ideas is the concept of living walls. With so many shrub and vine varieties, there is no limit to the design ideas you can play around with here. Carefully planned, these walls will make it difficult for people to see inside your yard and you don’t have to sacrifice the beauty of your space. Visitors will have a hard time figuring out where your yard ends and your walls begin! Motion activated lighting can also be placed near or actually inside of your living walls for an added security benefit.

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