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3 Ways Techno-Burglars Know You

      The Techno-Burglar We’ve been taught about the average burglar. He follows definite patterns, has been profiled thousands of times and influences many of the security decisions we make. But recently a new breed of burglar has surfaced. Sure, there aren’t many around yet but in the light of recent successes, there’ll be

Coming Through the Roof!

    A Hole Through the Roof Alison P couldn’t believe her eyes. Arriving home from work one afternoon, she found her bedroom ransacked and her collection of heirloom jewellery gone. Shocked and more than a little afraid, Alison retreated down the stairs  and outside to call the police. But how had the thief gotten

The Hidden Costs of Home Burglary

    Limiting Hidden Costs Housebreaking is a growing problem in the United States, stretching law enforcement agencies to the limits. By unlawfully entering your home and removing your personal possessions, burglars give you the opportunity to experience the hidden costs of burglary first-hand. The scare tactics used in advertisements by the insurance and home

Identity Theft – Your Life Up For Sale

    Fastest Growing Crimes in the US Today We don’t automatically think “identity theft” when we think about securing our homes and yet ID theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the US today. Last year, over twelve million Americans had their identity stolen and had to travel a rocky road to

Affordable Home Security

    It Was Then, This is Now Securing your home used to be pretty simple. A few modest precautions (extra locks, closing windows when going out) along with a good dose of old-fashioned, common sense was enough. Today, affordable home security is a significant consideration for homeowners, but is often lost in the complications

Never be a Victim Again

    Hard Knocks of a Victim As most victims will tell you, at the end of the day it’s not about the stuff; it’s the shock, trauma, and anger, along with a sense of horrible vulnerability that gets you … Oh, yeah… you’re not going to feel all of it right away. After the