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Not All External Doors are Secure

    Is Your Door Burglarproof? When it comes to home security, not all external doors are created equal. Don’t have your doors let you down. According to crime statistics, most burglars gain access via the front or back door. The external doors should be an important focus of your home security plans because the

Automation to the Max: Smarthome Security in 2014

      Home Automation on Steroids Without a doubt, the big buzz in security technology for 2014 is the evolution of the smarthome but what do the new smarthome systems mean to your home security? A smarthome uses advanced home automation systems to control lighting, environment, multi-media, security, and numerous other functions. These “intelligent”

Residential Fires:How Fire Monitoring Saves Lives

    Not all Fire Alarms are Created Equal The e-mail I received from a colleague just after Christmas was heart-breaking. She apologized for not responding to my latest e-mail and the reason? Three days before Christmas, her best friend lost all three of her children in a fire that gutted their home… The cause

No Power, No Protection: Power Outage vs Home Security

    Power Outages and You With the extreme wintry weather causing misery across the country these holidays, let’s look at how power outages impact on your home security system. The recent storm damage that has devastated electricity supplies has affected thousands of families across the US and Canada. Some areas experienced no power for

Home Security: 5 Basics You Need to Know

  Burglary is Preventable Burglary is one of the easiest crimes to prevent, but unfortunately, one of the most common. These are some of the basics that can increase home security and prevent a burglary from happening to you or someone you love. If you’ve been reading here awhile, you’ll know that there are some

Home Security is a Good Investment

  Is home security is a good investment? Your home is your castle and the center of your family’s day-to-day life. That piece of real estate cost you a chunk of change and forms your family’s comfort zone and safe foundation. Are you thinking that home security is an extravagance you don’t need? Insurance also

Safeguard Against Holiday Theft

    Why Holiday Theft Happens It’s that season again. We all know what that means? Football, food, family and fun! Presents everywhere and every year the toys and goodies get bigger and better. Is it any wonder that holiday theft increases year after year? There’s a reason holiday theft is such a big deal.

Home Security from Pro Crooks

    Home Security from the Horse’s Mouth There’s a small percentage of professional thieves who have turned their “hand”… umm… expertise into lucrative consulting gigs. After all, who better to advise property owners about beefing up home security than the very people who counted on those weak spots to make a living? We all