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Burglars Aren’t Predictable: Protecting Your Pets

Here at Safe Residence, we’re making every effort to give you the facts you’ll need for informed decisions to protect your family, your home, your pets and your valuables. Statistically, police reports tell us repeatedly that burglars mostly want cash or items that can be exchanged for cash; watches, jewelry, prescription drugs, guns and electronics

Don’t Turn Halloween Into A Nightmare

With the arrival of Halloween, it’s official, the holiday season’s begun. Parties, costumes, candy, family fun, Jack-o-lanterns and … property crime! Hey, wait-up, what’s with the crime bit? Well, it’s probably no coincidence that October gives us Halloween right at the end of National Crime Prevention Month. Just think, hordes of trick-or-treaters out roaming the

Top Tips for Renters Security

   Security for Renters According to the National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC), over 38% of Americans rent their homes. Apartments and condominiums take a big slice of that percentage but there are also many who rent single family residences. Renters’ security becomes an issue when we see that out of the 2.2 million break-ins reported

Burglary Fallout: Get Your Life Back

  Burglary Fallout My friend Alicia B. is a longtime, clued-up city dweller. When her house was broken into and ransacked last year, she never anticipated the emotional tail-spin that followed the crime. Television, the internet and other media are full of good ideas to stay safe and protect your home. But no one actually

Sell Your House Safely: 6 Steps

    Essential Security Measures Selling your own home can save a packet. But it takes a lot of work and to sell your house safely, you’ll need a good game plan. It isn’t always obvious but to sell your house safely can be time-consuming and you’ll need a sense of detachment. Even if you

Plan Ahead: 5 Steps to Beat the Odds

      Plan ahead to Prevent Crime Take the initiative and plan ahead so that your home doesn’t become easy pickings. A few simple steps, put into place, can save you from becoming a victim. To plan ahead effectively, do some research, invest a weekend’s worth of time and make some well thought-out changes.

Ensuring Your Safety: Panic Pendants

      What is a Panic Pendant? We talk a lot about securing your home from break-ins and burglaries that occur when no one is home. But imagine a situation, a home invasion for example, when you urgently need help but there’s no one around to come to your aid. Enter the panic alarm

Hiding Valuables: Those Small but Significant Treasures

    Sentimental Value Not everyone realizes that hiding valuables is a good idea. Rebecca Jessup* has all her grandmother’s jewelry in a small velvet bag in her dresser. Travis Larimore* keeps his late father’s Purple Heart and other medals in a box on his desk. These precious, irreplaceable heirlooms are vulnerable like few other