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Apartment Security Is Still Home Security

Apartment security is a topic that is sometimes ignored. This is because people often think that renters cannot install or use security equipment at a residence that they do not own. Luckily, this is not true and apartment dwellers do have many of the same home security options that are currently available to homeowners.

Wireless Alarm Systems

There was a time when hardwired burglar alarms were the only options available on the home security front. Eventually, however, wireless alarms and devices were introduced to the market. Still, people were skeptical as to whether such systems were as reliable as their hardwired counterparts. Today, all of those issues are pretty much nonexistent since wireless alarms are not only made available and affordable to the general marketplace, but they can also be as reliable as hardwired alarm systems. This is great news for renters who want home security, but who are unable to drill into a building’s structure in order to install an alarm system.

Wireless Surveillance Cameras

Just like a wireless alarm can be installed at an apartment, so can wireless surveillance cameras. Cameras inside of an apartment can also give renters remote access to see what is going on at home while they are away. Of course, cameras will also record round-the-clock activity and can either be hidden from view or placed in plain sight. Without a need for wiring to run between a camera its DVR, wireless surveillance cameras offer renters the top quality home security that they deserve.

Security Advice

Beyond access to surveillance cameras and burglar alarms, people who live in apartments may sometimes believe that tried and true security tips do not apply to them. With maintenance workers and property managers on the premises, as well as the close proximity of other neighbors, some are prone to ignore advice like installing additional door locks, installing pin locks (especially on sliding patio doors!) and using security deterrents like security decals. Good home security advice does apply to people living in rental units, however, and should never be ignored.

Ask First!

Prior to installing a new burglar alarm, surveillance system or any sort of home security device in a rental unit, a tenant should always ask the property’s owner or manager first. Consulting with a home security expert is advisable and it may even be a good idea to meet with a representative and the apartment’s manager at the same time just to assure that all are in agreement about the equipment being installed and used.

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Do you use home security devices in your apartment or rental home? How did you go about selecting which equipment was best for your home? Did your landlord have any issues or concerns? As always, your comments and experiences are welcome here and we hope that you’ll share them in the space provided below.

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