Apartment Security Tips

Apartment security is of major concern to renters. We understand this and most of the home security advice that we offer on Safe Residence also applies to those who live in apartments. Still, there are a few very important suggestions that pertain, specifically, to people who live in apartments and other types of short-term housing.

Change Your Locks

(Flickr, Sara)

(Flickr, Sara)

Immediately after moving into your apartment, change your locks. Even if your landlord assures you that new locks have just been installed– change your locks. Why? Well, you have no idea who lived there before and whether or not they still have keys…nor do you know who they lent keys to. Yes, you want to trust your landlord to have actually changed the locks, but the only way to truly know who has access to your home is to change them yourself and offer your landlord a key if such is stipulated in your rental or lease agreement.

Add Locks

Always install a second lock on your front door (or change it if your apartment comes equipped with one). Preferably, this lock should be a deadbolt lock and one that is resistant to lock-bumping. This advice also applies to any additional doors in your new abode.

Think Wireless

You may think that you’re not a candidate for an alarm system since you live in an apartment. This is not true, however. While you can’t install a hardwired system in your apartment, you may be able to opt for a wireless alarm system. Like hanging a picture or installing a landline, wireless systems require very little cosmetic drilling since there are no wires to hide, but merely a keypad to install. One keypad can also be connected to wireless cameras, door and window sensors and other wireless security devices, so don’t just stop at a single burglar alarm. Explore all of the ways that you can build the most robust apartment security system…wirelessly.

Secure Your Windows

(Flickr, epSos.de)

(Flickr, epSos.de)

Install pin locks on all sliding doors and windows. For other windows, consider wireless window sensors. Also, measuring your windows and making a trip to your local hardware store can help you develop your own security stick (preferably made of metal), which can be placed in the tracks of sliding windows so that they cannot open beyond a certain point without being removed.

Don’t Take Apartment Security Lightly

Whether you have a doorman, live in a security building or have a really vigilant group of neighbors, don’t ignore the need for good apartment security. We all like to believe that we’re completely safe from harm at home since it is our refuge from the world. The truth is, however, that no one is completely safe and break-ins can happen anyplace at anytime. Relax and enjoy your castle, yes, but please make sure to properly secure it first.

Final Words

(Flickr, <a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/juditk/4865091827">Judit Klein</a>)

(Flickr, Judit Klein)

As always, we leave it up to you to finish this post. What are some of your best apartment security tips? Do you have any thoughts on the ones offered here? The floor is now yours and we look forward to reading your replies soon.

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