Anyone Can Be a Burglar


How extensive are your home security senses? Do you think that burglars exhibit telltale traits? In addition to a quality burglar alarm, developing a certain vigilance about crime will go a long way in helping you avoid becoming a victim. To begin with, consider that anyone can be a burglar.

Everyone’s a Suspect

Lest you think that a burglar can be identified by shifty eyes and a sneaky gait, consider this: anyone can be a burglar and such criminals are often the very people you’d least suspect. While most people think of a burglar as being a jobless, perhaps even drug-addicted male, it will surprise many to know that they sometimes enjoy very admirable reputations and appear to be otherwise upstanding citizens. In case you’re still not convinced, consider the fact that pastors and even police officers have been arrested and charged for burglary.

Pastors Moonlighting As Burglars

Some may recall the very popular Dallas pastor who was accused of burglary last year. While her congregation relied on her for uplifting religious messages and support, she was relying on them for expensive holiday gifts…that she was accused of stealing on Christmas Eve, of course! That’s right, after climbing through the window of one of her parishoners, 52-year old pastor, Sandy McGriff, was arrested for walking out of the family’s back door with $12,000 worth of items including fur coats and designer handbags.

While the fact that McGriff was a trusted pastor makes this burglary story so fantastically shocking, consider its other key points. This person was a gainfully employed woman on the cusp of being a senior citizen. Never mind her popularity within her community, but who would have ever suspected a woman of that age being a burglar?

McGriff isn’t the only pastor caught moonlighting as a burglar, either. Just recently a former Tennessee pastor, Rickey Alan Reed, was busted for the second time for breaking into the home of someone he knew. Why? Well, it appears that Pastor Reed is addicted to pain killers and was willing to go to any lengths to acquire them.

Double-Duty As Cop and Burglar

Wayward pastors aren’t the only upstanding citizens with burglary arrest records either. Take, for instance, Ernesto Yanez, a reserve police officer previously employed by a force in Rio Hondo, Texas. Accused of a number of crimes ranging from abuse to records tampering, Yanez is also accused of burglary.

Use a Home Security System to Expect the Unexpected

So, while the average profile of a burglar is a young male and they are often driven by drug-addiction, we highlight these stories to make you aware of the fact that burglars aren’t always easy to spot or identify. This unfortunate fact is brought to your attention in order that you may realize the importance of protecting your property with a strong home security system. In addition to a burglar alarm, also consider placing surveillance cameras inside and around your home in order to optimize your security.

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