5 Surprising Burglary Facts

Burglary Facts

How Burglary Facts Can Work In Your Favor

Educating yourself on burglary facts is one of the best ways to avoid becoming its victim. Thieves count on public ignorance in order to gain access to unsuspecting households. Head them off at the pass by using the following information gathered by various alarm and security specialists.

Most Break-Ins Occur During the Daytime

Late morning and early afternoon hours on weekdays are popular times for burglaries. The reason for this is likely due to the fact that most people are at work during these hours. Not only are homeowners away, but neighbors who might be witnesses are also usually working at this time. Witnesses are also less likely to notice or investigate noises associated with break-ins during these times.

Loud Alarms Stop 74% of Burglaries In Progress

Once an alarm sounds, most burglaries are abandoned on the spot. Criminals mostly avoid homes where an alarm is present for obvious reasons. However, of those who do try to proceed past an alarm, the majority will abort their mission once an alarm is triggered.

Four Burglaries Happen Every Minute

In the United States, a burglary occurs every 15 seconds, which means that approximately four will happen this very minute. Most of these break-ins occur at homes without an alarm system or where an alarm has been installed, but is not in use.

More Than 70% Of All Burglaries Are Residential

People will sometimes assume that burglary statistics mainly highlight business or commercial break-ins. According to the FBI, however, more than 72% of all burglaries affect residential buildings.

Burglars Are Often Familiar With Their Victims

We have a tendency to believe that burglars are “others” who live outside of our communities or our familiar circles. This is not always true, however. Many burglary victims are surprised to learn that culprits are people whom they’ve known and trusted for some time. These individuals often know a victim’s daily routines, have knowledge of valuables in a home or know how to most easily enter a home.

Learn More About Burglary Facts

In 2014, make it your business to learn more about these and other burglary facts in order to know how to best fortify your home against theft. While the information may be unpleasant, it will be enlightening enough to help you take action in protecting your family and your valuables. Should you have further questions or particular concerns about security alarms and other burglary facts, be sure to speak with a home security professional right away.

Any Burglary Facts You’d Like To Share?

Of course, this is not a comprehensive list of burglary facts and information will vary from region to region. If you have any burglary information to share, please do so in the space provided below. When we join forces in uncovering the facts, we can work together to reduce burglary crimes across the board.

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