The 5 Scariest Home Security Mistakes You Probably Made Today

Make Any Home Security Blunders Today?

Yes, we’ll bet you did. And you’re probably not alone. Beyond locking front doors, few people give a second thought to the simple everyday things that they do to compromise good home security.

So, let’s dive in and see how many mistakes you made today, shall we?

5. Left a Window Unlocked or Open

The most common windows people leave unlocked or even slightly opened are bathroom, basement and attic windows. Of course, these places have a tendency to trap odors or even sport mildew if air isn’t properly circulated, so we understand why they’re left open. And people don’t always lock them– since they’re frequently opened and closed sometimes multiple times a day. But it’s precisely this sort of home security mistake that a sneaky burglar looks for in order to gain entry into a home.

4. You Don’t Have an Alarm System

Yes, we’ve heard about how tough you are and how your home is secured by Smith and Wesson. Your neighbors all know about the vicious dogs who will bite an intruder on sight. Who’s using your weapons to secure your home when you’re at work, though? Is your dog in danger of being poisoned or otherwise harmed while you’re away? Hopefully, you’re getting the picture. Without a good home security alarm, you’re taking a HUGE security risk!

3. Forgot to Arm Your Alarm System

We know, you live in a safe neighborhood and you don’t feel like you have to alarm your system during the daytime. Or maybe your system wasn’t installed properly or is malfunctioning and you’ve decided to leave it off until it can be repaired. Ok, that’s your call…just know that not arming your alarm system is one of biggest home security mistakes you can make. It’s right up there with not having a system at all because, well, both are about as effective.

2. Left a Key Outside

Maybe you didn’t leave a key under the flowerpot like your old Aunt Matilda used to do, but you probably left it under a designated rock or maybe taped under a railing. If it’s anywhere outdoors, you’ve committed a really scary home security mistake. Not only might a person discover your key (maybe even watched you put it there) and enter your home while you’re away, but a really devious criminal might actually make a copy of your key and enter while you’re at home.

1. Put Your Business In the Street

Have you shared your whereabouts on social media today? Maybe checked in at your favorite burrito joint? Perhaps you just posted a picture of your plane tickets to that trip to Hawaii you’re taking next week. In this digital age, you should know that criminals are lurking everywhere…Twitter, Facebook, Instagram– you name the network and we’ll guarantee that a thief is calculating how he can take advantage of someone there and what better way to do so than to track someone’s whereabouts, schedule, etc. on social media?

How’d You Do?

If you didn’t make any of these home security mistakes today, pat yourself on the back and set us straight about our assumptions in the comments section, below. And if you did make one or two of these mistakes, don’t feel too bad– we’ve all done it, but when you know better you do better, right? This blog exists for your home security education and we hope you’ll tune in often so that you’ll get a perfect score next time. If you have any comments or questions whatsoever, we’ve left a little room below for you to finish this post.

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