5 Lame Reasons People Use to Put Home Security Off

Bad Home Security

Putting Home Security On the Back Burner

Some people never give home security a second thought. Beyond locking their doors at night, these individuals willfully ignore suggestions about creating a safe residence with things like burglar alarms and surveillance cameras. From believing that devices like these are too expensive to believing that they can single-handedly protect a household, the following are some of the lamest reasons to ignore the need for home security devices:

“A Burglar Alarm Is Too Expensive.”

The cost of a burglar alarm pales in comparison to the loss of valuables, the cost of repairing windows and doors damaged during a break-in or medical bills acquired due to a criminal’s physical assault. Besides, a new burglar alarm is not as expensive as you might think. From DIY alarm systems to very inexpensive wireless ones, today’s home security systems are designed to fit even the tightest budgets.

“My Dog Is My Home Security System.”

Clearly, you’ve never Googled the words: dog hurt during burglary.

Besides, every time you take your dog for a walk around the block, your alarm system goes with you.

“My Home Security Company Is Smith & Wesson.”

Legally obtaining a gun for protection is your prerogative. But what happens when a burglar breaks in while you are away from home? What happens when a criminal has his own gun, gets to yours before you do or is able to physically take your gun from you? I could go on, but you get the idea. Relying on a firearm for safety is your choice (as long as it’s legal in your area). But using one as your sole source of protection isn’t the brightest idea ever. A good home security system is always a better bet.

“Someone Is Always Home At My House.”

Yes, and someone is always home during home invasion robberies, too. I don’t mean to be snarky, but read your local newspaper or ask your local police department about recent incidents of homes being broken into while a resident was inside.

“I Live In a Good, Safe Neighborhood.”

No neighborhood is immune to break-ins. Once again, read your local paper or contact your police department to learn about crime in your area. Besides, some thieves target such neighborhoods precisely because people are so relaxed about home security. That and the fact that many who live in these neighborhoods tend to sometimes have the pricey items that burglars like to steal, such as high end jewelry and electronics.

Shortly after his death, Steve Jobs’ home was broken into. In recent years, celebrities and public figures like LL Cool J, Paris Hilton, Sean “Diddy” Combs and Kate Moss have also had their homes broken into. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that they all have homes in safe neighborhoods too.

Any Excuse Is a Lame Excuse.

To be honest, there is no good reason not to aim for a safe residence by using home security devices. At a minimum, every home should be guarded by a burglar alarm, an alarm monitoring service and security lighting. If you are guilty of making excuses or putting off the purchase of a good security system, please let this be a wake up call and change your faulty thinking by contacting a home security company today.

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