5 Common Weak Spots in Your Home’s Security

house robbery

I’m a burglar and I’m about to break into a house I’ve been casing. The owners are out and it should be a piece of cake. Why don’t you come with me and I’ll show you just how easy it is? In fact, I’ll make a bet with you. If I can’t find at least four dead simple ways to get into this house, I’ll hand myself in and go straight!

Weak spot 1

Let’s try the garage door first. Well, will you look at that! It’s one of those old lift-up jobs. You don’t see many of those any more. They should have spent their money on a new garage door, instead of that fake CCTV camera they’ve got on the porch. A child could pick this lock. There we go. We’re in. And guess what! There’s an adjoining door into the house. I won’t even bother with that. We both know how easy it would be.

Weak spot 2

Okay, let’s try a window. There’s a big sliding glass one on the verandah. They’ve got a decent lock on it too. One of those dead latches with a button on the inside. I’m impressed! Only trouble is, it’s right next to the glass. I’m not going to do it because I don’t want you accusing me of vandalism, but all I would have to do is break the glass, reach around and open the door. They would have been better off with a keyed dead latch there.

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Weak spot 3

This is my favourite. Why muck around with windows when you can walk straight in the front door? Okay, there are several ways I can do this. There’s probably a dead latch on the inside of the door, just like the one we saw on the window. I could smash this stained glass panel and reach it that way, or I could forget about the lock altogether and just shoulder the door open. Look how flimsy that pine door jamb is. Wouldn’t take more than a good bash or two to force that open. You know what they say — a lock is only as good as the door it’s attached to!

Weak spot 4

Here’s a laugh! Why don’t I just open the front door with the key? What key, you ask? Why, the spare key they’ve so kindly left under this flower pot. No? No one would be that stupid, you say? What about under the mat? No? I guess you’re right then, unless… Well, look at that. It’s actually in the meter box. Very cunning! People never cease to amaze me!

Free Tips

Strengthen the front door jamb with a strike plate or invest in a security door
Put shields around your window locks or buy some Crimsafe screens
Oh, and buy a new garage door (one of those remote jobs will do the trick).

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