5 Common Home Invasion Tactics

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Tricky Home Invasion Techniques

Before attempting a home invasion robbery, most criminals take time to plan their most important action: gaining initial access to the home. More often than not, they take a con artist’s approach in deceiving a homeowner before exerting force to barge their way inside. In some cases, however, criminals will exert brute force. The following are a 5 of the most common ways a home invasion robber may attempt to work his way into your home:

Home Invasion Tactic 1: Knock On the Door

While some criminals will kick a front door in during a home invasion robbery, many prefer the much more subtle approach of merely knocking on the front door. Of course, once an occupant responds to the knock (or ring), they are led to believe that the criminal is, in fact, either a harmless salesperson, the friend of a neighbor or some other reasonable person. If the front door is then opened, a home invasion robber using this tactic will then force his way inside.

Solution: Talk to your home security rep about a two-way video intercom which will enable you to answer the front door without actually ever having to physically approach it or open it.

Home Invasion Tactic 2: Approach While Returning Home

Robbers will often lie in wait behind a nearby bush, trashcan or even on a dark path near a front door. Distracted with the business of house keys and locks, an unsuspecting homeowner may not immediately realize that a criminal is in such close proximity. It is once the homeowner arrives at the front door that a thief will then make his presence known and commence to forcing his way inside.

Solution: Keep all bushes neatly trimmed and doorways free of clutter or other items that a criminal may choose to hide behind. Also talk to your home security expert about motion-activated outdoor security lighting and surveillance cameras (which thieves are more prone to avoid).

Home Invasion Tactic 3: Fake an Emergency

Posing as a stranded motorist or someone with an emergency, a home invasion robber may approach a front door while asking to use an occupant’s telephone to call for help. The excuse may even be that they were just mugged of their cellphone or that its battery is dead. Of course, this is only a ploy as what they are really hoping for is an invite into the home where they can then carry out their dastardly deed.

Solution: Never open your front door in a situation like this. Instead, tell the person to step away from your door and that you are calling the local police to help them.

Home Invasion Tactic 4: Use a Child

Some home invasion robbers have been known to employ children in their attempts to gain entry into homes. The idea here is to pretend that the child is selling something or is lost and in need of adult assistance. Some will even pretend to have lost a ball or other toy in an unsuspecting homeowner’s backyard. Of courses, once the front door is opened to the child, a robber hiding nearby appears and forces his way into the home. This tactic isn’t used often, but that’s precisely why readers need to be aware of it. Home invasion robberies are usually the last thing that a person expects, especially when dealing with a child, but they sometimes do happen in precisely this way.

Solution: This is a tough one, but unless you recognize the child and are certain of her or his identity, DO NOT open your front door or allow anyone access to your yard. And definitely do not exit the safety of your home to help (or to agree to search for a lost object). Instead, call the authorities immediately. If you must exit your home to help the child (despite the danger, most of us would, right?) only do so with the police on the phone and loudly announce that they are on the phone as you step outside. Sounds a bit paranoid and harsh, I know, but home invasion robberies are also harsh and we all must take more severe approaches to strangers in order to avoid becoming a victim of one. If a lost ball or toy is the reason for the unexpected visit, tell the child that someone in the family will check the backyard later and that, if found, you will leave it on your porch for them to retrieve the following day.

Home Invasion Tactic 5: Entering Through the Garage

When using an automatic garage door opener, your car isn’t always the only thing entering that area. Home invasion robbers will often rush inside before the door is lowered. Once inside of the garage (and often armed with a weapon), gaining access to the home usually isn’t very difficult.

Solution: Install mirrors in your garage that allow you to see behind and beside your car at different angles. Also, watch your car’s rearview mirrors very carefully when entering and exiting your garage. Finally, talk to your home security representative about installing a multi-channel surveillance system and position at least one camera at your garage’s entrance. Often, the very sight of a camera will deter a home invasion robber from attempting this method of entry.

How Do You Avoid a Home Invasion Robbery?

What are your best tips for avoiding a home invasion robbery? Can you recommend any special home security devices that will specifically help reduce these crimes? Have you ever been the victim of a home invasion robbery? Help make this post even better by adding your own home security tips in the space provided below.

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