3 Crucial Holiday Security Tips


Are You Making These Holiday Security Blunders?

Holiday security mistakes seem to be in abundance every year. Perhaps it is the excitement of the season, the stress of increased traffic jams or the warm joy of celebration that lulls us into forgetting about common sense security tips. Whatever the reason, from leaving packages unattended to advertising new expensive electronic gifts, we often place our homes, our cars and our families smack dab on the radar of criminals looking for a quick holiday heist. This year, as we enter into a new holiday season, we hope to raise awareness about the missteps that we all sometimes make, but which can have a very costly impact on our households.

Holiday Security Tip #1:

Place Packages In Your Trunk

While shopping this holiday season, place all of your packages in the trunk of your car when parking in public. This includes small gifts or other packages that may not even be gifts, but that may still attract a thief’s attention. Ignoring this holiday security tip can not only result in the loss of gifts, but can also cause you to experience damage to your car from a thief breaking into it.

Holiday Security Tip #2:

Arrange For Package Deliveries

If you are not usually at home during the daytime, arrange to have holiday packages delivered to a postal center. This can be an independently owned operation that rents mailboxes to the public or you can rent a mailbox from your local post office. Ask family members who are likely to send packages to use this temporary rental address, instead. The reason for this is simple, packages left on a front porch are open invitations for theft. Even if you usually have a trusted neighbor willing to receive packages for you, remember that they are likely to be traveling or out shopping during this season, too. Make it easier on yourself and reduce the likelihood of theft by renting a mailbox just for this purpose.

Holiday Security Tip #3:

Keep Those Boxes Out Of the Trash

If you are lucky enough to receive expensive electronic items this holiday season…especially the type that come in large boxes…please keep those boxes out of public view until your trash collection day. Don’t even take a chance with sitting them out for collection the night before. See, boxes like these are like huge advertisements to a criminal. Instead of looking through your windows or crossing his fingers and hoping that a break-in is worth his while, he knows what he’s going to grab before he even steps foot into your home if there is a box outside to tip him off.

Remember These Tips and Share

Keep your holiday security wits about you this season by keeping these tips at the forefront of your mind. Enjoy all of the festivities around you, but always practice safety first. As this is a season for sharing, we also hope that you’ll take a moment to share a few tips of your own in the space provided for you below.

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