17 Useful Tips For Starting a Neighborhood Watch Group

Starting a neighborhood watch group can seem like a huge task. Really, it’s not all that difficult, though. Meeting space, a little extra help from volunteers and the determination to have a safer community form the core of what is needed.

In no particular order, here are 17 tips that will help get your neighborhood watch group off the ground in no time flat:

1. Select a Date and Time For First Meeting

Choose a date and time that will be convenient for most of the residents in your neighborhood. Be mindful of work schedules, kid’s athletic schedules and family activities. Generally, weeknights work best, but talk to a few of your neighbors if you need to get a feel for what’ll work for the group. Realize that there will be scheduling conflicts that can’t be avoided, but try to find a date and time that will work for the majority of your neighborhood.

(Flickr, Joy)

(Flickr, Joy)

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