16 Bizarre But True Burglary Stories

Recently, in Stockholm, Sweden, an 11-year old boy was home alone when he thought someone was breaking into his house. Upon summoning the police they did not find any signs of a break-in, but ended up staying a while longer at the boy’s home, anyway…not because he was afraid, but because he was fairly stressed out about a math assignment. Officers Viktor Adolphson and Johan Safstrom went beyond their normal duties as Sodermalm policemen and were kind enough to stay and help the young student with his homework.

This incident has made its way around social media recently and is often tagged as a bizarre burglary story. Nice as the officers were, I wouldn’t exactly call this story bizarre. It got me to thinking of some really strange but true burglary stories, though, so take a moment to check these out:

There’s No Place Like Home…Except When It’s Not YOUR Home

Last summer, one Oklahoma City resident had the fright of her life when she walked into her house and found a man wearing house slippers and cooking pizza for his two young daughters. Problem was, that the slippers weren’t his, neither was the pizza, nor was the house! Her confusion and fright didn’t stop him from extending the most gracious hospitality by inviting her inside. Of course, the woman called the police. After arriving on the scene, however, the intruder insisted that it was his home and became increasingly agitated and violent when police insisted on extracting him. Ultimately, the man was taken into custody and his daughters were put into protective custody. Reports suggest that the man was delusional (ya think?!), but true burglary stories like this one remind how important it is to have a monitored home security alarm and to keep it armed at all times.

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