15 Ways to Deter a Burglar

Knowing how to deter a burglar is half the battle when it comes to good home security. This is because security works in layers and keeping a thief from even approaching your home is one of the first layers of the process. In conjunction with quality home security devices, knowing how to deter a burglar helps to ensure that your valuables and your family are safe at all times. These tips will show you the best methods for doing so:

1. Keep Electronics Out of Sight

(Flickr, Michael Coghlan)

(Flickr, Michael Coghlan)

When you’re not using your laptop, tablet, gaming console or other electronic devices, store them someplace out of sight. Why? Well, these are some of the more popular items thieves like to steal. They may see them through a window or even during a visit to your home. Knowing how to deter a burglar involves not tempting one in the first place.

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