15 Ways Good Home Security Can Save You Money

Good home security involves more than just a burglar alarm. From motion-activated outdoor lighting to surveillance cameras, there are a number of ways to protect your household. All of these can also help save money, which is something that few people ever stop to consider.

While most of the following devices and ideas are in no particular order, we’re going to start with one of the main ways that home security equipment can help save you money:

1. Lower Your Homeowners Insurance

(Flickr, David Hilowitz)

(Flickr, David Hilowitz)

A solid home security system can help lower your insurance costs. In many cases, a burglar alarm, alone, is enough to lower your rates. Some companies require an alarm to be professionally monitored though (which is what we recommend, too). Call your agent to find out how you can benefit from a good home security plan.

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