15 Reasons To Install a Surveillance System

(Flickr, foto4lizzie)

(Flickr, foto4lizzie)

A solid home security plan always includes a video surveillance system. Now, this may mean a single camera or it may involve a multi-channel system with two or as many as sixteen separate cameras. Whether hidden or mounted in plain sight, a surveillance system can deter crime and serve a variety of other useful home security purposes.

If you’re curious about all of the different ways to use a video surveillance system, consider some of these ideas:

1. Monitor Ground-Floor Entries

Ask any police officer or home security expert and they will all tell you that ground floor entrances are the most frequented portals for break-ins. Mounting one or more cameras to guard the windows and doors on the first floor of your home is an advisable method of reducing a burglary risk. Outdoor video surveillance systems can work in the dark, as well as in a variety of different weather conditions.

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