15 Ideas For Future Neighborhood Watch Meetings

(Flickr, Sean MacEntee)

(Flickr, Sean MacEntee)

Neighborhood watch meetings are important to good home security. If you’re struggling with topics to share with your group, don’t fret. In just a moment we’re going to discuss a few ideas and topics that will help keep your meetings moving in a productive direction.

Don’t try to tackle all of these in a single session, but try spreading them out over several different ones in order to give attendees time to grasp key home security areas. Definitely remember to plan your agenda far enough in advance in order to distribute copies of it before your meeting. Doing so will help group members come prepared with questions, resources and other information they may want to share on specific agenda topics.

If you haven’t actually started your group yet, you’re still welcome to read this list, but please also take a few minutes to read 17 Useful Tips For Starting Your Own Neighborhood Watch Group.

Now, let’s move along to our 15 ideas for future neighborhood watch meetings, shall we?

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