15 Break In Reminders Criminals Want You To Forget

Devious criminals find all sorts of ways to break in and terrorize households. Some boldly opt for violent entries, while others rely on subtler means. Knowing these methods gives you insight on how to protect your house and your family. Crooks depend on your guard being down, so don’t let them win. Instead, memorize these break in tactics and common entry points so that you can protect your home accordingly.

1. Front Door Entries Are Easy

(Flickr, deeuutee)

(Flickr, deeuutee)

A lot of thieves waltz right through a front door during a break in. Often, this is done by picking a door’s lock or through a technique known as lock bumping. Unfortunately, a lot of burglaries also happen due to people neglecting to lock all of the doors in a home, especially during daylight hours.

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