15 Alarms You Need to Pay Attention to Right Now

(Flickr, Brian)

(Flickr, Brian)

Did you know that there are as many as 15 different types of alarms? How many can you name off the top of your head? If you can’t name at least 10 and if you’re not using most of the ones on this list, your home security may not be at its strongest level.

1. Carbon Monoxide Alarm

A silent killer that claims numerous lives every year, carbon monoxide is almost impossible to detect without a carbon monoxide alarm. This colorless gas cannot be smelled in the air, nor can it be tasted. If not rescued in time, those who inhale this gas for a prolonged period experience brain damage or death. Since this gas emanates from cigarette smoke, gas-powered tools and vehicles, and charcoal grills among other common household items, it is imperative that every home to be equipped with a carbon monoxide alarm.

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