Neighborhood Safety Tips for Kids to Play Outside

Let’s face it, kids today just don’t play outside freely like they used to. When my generation was growing up, we would come home from school every day, throw our backpack in the house, and take off until either dark or dinner time. This playtime with the other kids in the neighborhood usually consisted of

Summer Essentials That Will Improve Your Security

There are a few summer essentials that should be kept at the top of everyone’s list. Of course, sandals, shorts and flip-flops are a must, but we can’t forget about home and personal security during the busy summer months. In fact, it’s been shown that burglary rates rise during the summer, which is exactly why

How to Stop Pets From Triggering a False Alarm

If you have pets and you’ve put off installing a security system because you’re worried about them triggering a false alarm, don’t. We’ve got a very simple solution for you and one that we hope you’ll share with every pet-owning homeowner you know. We’ll even cut straight to the chase and tell you that the

These Cool House Ideas Are Simple and Awesome!

We’ve found some pretty cool house ideas we’d like to share with you today. From storage solutions to repurposing items…and even a little security tip…you’re going to love at least one idea and maybe even all 5! All are affordable and most can even be a DIY project. The best part is that they’ll all

How to Remodel Your Home Without Compromising Security

Now that spring has sprung, you may be thinking about ways to remodel your home. Whether you’re just adding a spare bathroom or have plans to update your entire home, we want you to think about security and safety every step of the way. Today, we’ve come to share a few useful tips that will

Lost Keys? Here’s How to Never Be Locked Out of Your Home Again!

The nightmare of lost keys is one that every homeowner hopes to avoid. Still, no matter how we try to keep track of our house keys, those little things sometimes get away from us and we’re forced to hunt for ways to get into our homes without them. The problem with doing so is not

Now That You’ve Installed a Burglar Alarm, You Need to Do This

So, You’ve Installed a Burglar Alarm. What’s Next? You’ve completed your DIY burglar alarm installation and are wondering what else you need to do to secure your home. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Today, SafeResidence is going to show you the next steps in home security and a few things you can do

Outdoor Lighting Adds Beauty and Security

Are you using outdoor lighting to maximize your home’s visual effect? How about using it to increase your overall home security? Let’s spend some time delving into your options and exploring how outdoor lighting can add beauty and safety to your home right away. A Little Food For Thought Beyond a porch light, how are