15 Front Door Security Tips

As goes your front door security, so goes the rest of your home security. This is because front doors are common entry points for burglars and other criminals. If not properly secured, any ne’er-do-well can kick a front door in, bump a door’s locks or merely talk his way inside. There are a number of

Apartment Security Tips

Apartment security is of major concern to renters. We understand this and most of the home security advice that we offer on Safe Residence also applies to those who live in apartments. Still, there are a few very important suggestions that pertain, specifically, to people who live in apartments and other types of short-term housing.

Paranoid or Proactive: Don’t Be a Crime Victim

  It’s Saturday, you’re waiting in line at the checkout in a busy store just looking around and odds are that any one of the people waiting in line with you, have been a crime victim at least once. This is one crime statistic it would be all too easy to ignore. Recent data indicates

16 Bizarre But True Burglary Stories

Recently, in Stockholm, Sweden, an 11-year old boy was home alone when he thought someone was breaking into his house. Upon summoning the police they did not find any signs of a break-in, but ended up staying a while longer at the boy’s home, anyway…not because he was afraid, but because he was fairly stressed

Keeping Home Security Tight When Selling Your House

Placing your home on the market doesn’t mean you have to risk home security. In fact, this is the time to beef your security up even more. Why? Well, when a real estate agent invites prospective buyers into your home, she’s not concerned with protecting your valuables. There may even be times when more than

17 Useful Tips For Starting a Neighborhood Watch Group

Starting a neighborhood watch group can seem like a huge task. Really, it’s not all that difficult, though. Meeting space, a little extra help from volunteers and the determination to have a safer community form the core of what is needed. In no particular order, here are 17 tips that will help get your neighborhood

Burglars Aren’t Predictable: Protecting Your Pets

Here at Safe Residence, we’re making every effort to give you the facts you’ll need for informed decisions to protect your family, your home, your pets and your valuables. Statistically, police reports tell us repeatedly that burglars mostly want cash or items that can be exchanged for cash; watches, jewelry, prescription drugs, guns and electronics

HOME SECURITY ALERT: Beware of Clowns and Zombies

Yes, that headline is real. This is not a Halloween-themed post, but a true home security alert that everyone should be aware of. In California, there have been a rash of bizarre clown sightings which appear to be connected to a collection of eerie Instagram photos. Also, a family struggles to regain feelings of safety