Keeping Home Security Tight When Selling Your House

Placing your home on the market doesn’t mean you have to risk home security. In fact, this is the time to beef your security up even more. Why? Well, when a real estate agent invites prospective buyers into your home, she’s not concerned with protecting your valuables. There may even be times when more than

17 Useful Tips For Starting a Neighborhood Watch Group

Starting a neighborhood watch group can seem like a huge task. Really, it’s not all that difficult, though. Meeting space, a little extra help from volunteers and the determination to have a safer community form the core of what is needed. In no particular order, here are 17 tips that will help get your neighborhood

Burglars Aren’t Predictable: Protecting Your Pets

Here at Safe Residence, we’re making every effort to give you the facts you’ll need for informed decisions to protect your family, your home, your pets and your valuables. Statistically, police reports tell us repeatedly that burglars mostly want cash or items that can be exchanged for cash; watches, jewelry, prescription drugs, guns and electronics

HOME SECURITY ALERT: Beware of Clowns and Zombies

Yes, that headline is real. This is not a Halloween-themed post, but a true home security alert that everyone should be aware of. In California, there have been a rash of bizarre clown sightings which appear to be connected to a collection of eerie Instagram photos. Also, a family struggles to regain feelings of safety

17 Simple Tips For Better Neighborhood Security

No matter how strong your home security plan, it must include a focus on neighborhood security. To ignore your total environment weakens your home’s security and your family’s safety. Use these 17 tips to help create a safer community. 1. Join or Organize a Neighborhood Security Group Does your community have a neighborhood watch program?

Home Security Tips For a Safe and Happy Halloween

Practical home security tips can help you enjoy a safe and happy Halloween. While burglars look forward to wearing disguises to work, you should be preparing to keep them away. This doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the day, too, just that you need to be extra vigilant. So take a moment to review these

Don’t Turn Halloween Into A Nightmare

With the arrival of Halloween, it’s official, the holiday season’s begun. Parties, costumes, candy, family fun, Jack-o-lanterns and … property crime! Hey, wait-up, what’s with the crime bit? Well, it’s probably no coincidence that October gives us Halloween right at the end of National Crime Prevention Month. Just think, hordes of trick-or-treaters out roaming the

WARNING: Lock Bumping Is a Serious Home Security Danger

Did you know that a key to your home can be purchased online? Or that any random burglar can unlock your front door in a matter of seconds? Like, right now as you’re reading this a criminal can literally walk through your front door in less time than it takes for you to dial and