Personal Security Gifts

Give a personal security gift to someone you love and help protect them from evil criminals. We live in an era where no one is really safe in public or at home. While we all hope that we never have to fight for our lives or to protect a loved one or even to protect

15 Cheap Home Security Solutions

Granted, home security systems cost a lot less than they used to. From wireless equipment to gadgets that offer plug-and-play simplicity, there are literally dozens of inexpensive ways to secure a home. A lot of simple and even old-fashioned solutions are also very useful when it comes to protecting family and valuables. Today, we thought

GPS Burglary: Just a New Trend or Here to Stay?

As if thieves didn’t have enough advantages against average law abiding citizens already, say hello to the GPS burglar. Enterprising criminals who aren’t afraid to harness technology for their nefarious purposes have taken the next step and are using GPS to keep tabs on their victim’s whereabouts. While GPS burglaries haven’t yet reached epidemic proportions,

How Vigilant Are You About Crime?

Burglaries and vandalism crimes are so commonplace until many of them don’t even make our local newspapers. This is particularly true when these events happen in large cities. Have break-ins become so frequent that we are becoming desensitized to them? Do we even pay attention to some of the red flags indicating that a crime

15 Reasons To Install a Surveillance System

A solid home security plan always includes a video surveillance system. Now, this may mean a single camera or it may involve a multi-channel system with two or as many as sixteen separate cameras. Whether hidden or mounted in plain sight, a surveillance system can deter crime and serve a variety of other useful home

Smart Technology: Are Smart Locks All That Clever?

In the world of home security, smart technology was the biggest buzz of 2014. In theory, smart technology is beautiful in its simplicity; link your world by accessing everything in your home anytime, anywhere using your mobile device. Smartphone integration was already a feature of smart thermostats and TV controls when additional appliances were added

Security Tips For Travelers

Don’t hit the road without reviewing a few home and travel security tips first! While this is the time of year when many of you are looking forward to a family getaway, this is also the time of year when thieves are looking for someone to rob. Luckily, there are a few devices and strategies

Pepper Spray: An Effective Addition to Home Security?

As the holiday season moves into full throttle and residential crime escalates, more and more homeowners, wary of owning a firearm, are considering boosting their existing home security with a pepper spray. But it’s important to remember that any spray designed to be used for self-defense is a tool and is restricted by the ability