Top Tips for Renters Security

   Security for Renters According to the National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC), over 38% of Americans rent their homes. Apartments and condominiums take a big slice of that percentage but there are also many who rent single family residences. Renters’ security becomes an issue when we see that out of the 2.2 million break-ins reported

Don’t Risk Personal Safety While Traveling

Can a Vacation Jeopardize Your Personal Safety? Yes, your personal safety may be at risk while you travel. With this in mind, it is important to give careful consideration to the many ways in which you might reduce this risk simply by adjusting your appearance and a few key behaviors. From the clothes that you

Burglary Fallout: Get Your Life Back

  Burglary Fallout My friend Alicia B. is a longtime, clued-up city dweller. When her house was broken into and ransacked last year, she never anticipated the emotional tail-spin that followed the crime. Television, the internet and other media are full of good ideas to stay safe and protect your home. But no one actually

5 Common Home Invasion Tactics

Tricky Home Invasion Techniques Before attempting a home invasion robbery, most criminals take time to plan their most important action: gaining initial access to the home. More often than not, they take a con artist’s approach in deceiving a homeowner before exerting force to barge their way inside. In some cases, however, criminals will exert

Sell Your House Safely: 6 Steps

    Essential Security Measures Selling your own home can save a packet. But it takes a lot of work and to sell your house safely, you’ll need a good game plan. It isn’t always obvious but to sell your house safely can be time-consuming and you’ll need a sense of detachment. Even if you

Plan Ahead: 5 Steps to Beat the Odds

      Plan ahead to Prevent Crime Take the initiative and plan ahead so that your home doesn’t become easy pickings. A few simple steps, put into place, can save you from becoming a victim. To plan ahead effectively, do some research, invest a weekend’s worth of time and make some well thought-out changes.

Tips For Teaching Children About Home Security

Home Security Is a Family Issue While adults are tasked with beefing up home security with devices such as alarm systems and security lighting, the effort to maintain a safe residence is really the entire family’s responsibility. Some parents, however, feel uncomfortable speaking to children about these subjects. Reasons for this vary from not wanting

Home Security: Never Leave Home Without It

Taking Home Security Seriously When hitting the road, a lot of people don’t take home security seriously enough. But the empty abode of a traveler is a prime target for burglary. Sure, residents may lock their doors and windows and arm the burglar alarm…they may even ask a friend or neighbor to collect their mail