Wireless Alarm Security: Versatile Safety Net When Winter Strikes

Has winter caught you by surprise? The season always sees an uptick in residential fires and needless tragedies like this one last year. We’d like to remind you to test all the CO and smoke detectors in your home – if you haven’t already done so – and change any batteries older that one year.

5 Ways to Jeopardize Neighborhood Security

Whereas home security is your responsibility, neighborhood security is the responsibility of everyone who lives there. In this case, one lackadaisical neighbor can place multiple homes at risk. The following are the easiest ways to jeopardize neighborhood security. Please read and make a resolution not to be “that neighbor” who places everyone else’s home in

15 Alarms You Need to Pay Attention to Right Now

Did you know that there are as many as 15 different types of alarms? How many can you name off the top of your head? If you can’t name at least 10 and if you’re not using most of the ones on this list, your home security may not be at its strongest level. 1.

Is a DIY Alarm System Worth It?

A DIY alarm system is one where a homeowner installs her own home security equipment. Burglar alarms and other devices falling into the DIY home security category are typically purchased from a security company and come with a full set of instructions and necessary supplies for a self-installation. This method can help homeowners save money

How Do Criminals Get Inside: Classic Security Mistakes

One thing you may have noticed about home security websites is they can be somewhat repetitive but have you ever wondered why? We write about home security and residential crime all the time – that means reading a lot of police reports and crime statistics, not just industry news but what’s happening out there in

Don’t Miss These 15 Surveillance Camera Security Tips

As surveillance cameras gain popularity on the home security front, it’s important to know how to use them most effectively. Recent news reports have helped to highlight a serious security breach in many people’s use of security cams– more on that below– but there’s even more to know about using video to protect a home.

Unlocked Vehicles and Open Garages: Opportunity Knocks

You look after your smartphone and your laptop and for sure, you know where your wallet is all the time, don’t you? You’d never leave any of these valuable items out in plain view, unguarded for even five minutes, would you? Well, we’re asking because a lot of people are doing exactly that – leaving

Surveillance Cameras Solving Recent Crimes

Have you noticed an uptick in national news stories involving surveillance cameras, lately? I have and I’m very happy about it. This increase means that surveillance cameras have been useful in solving some pretty high profile crimes. While ‘big brother’ privacy concerns are certainly valid, it’s hard to ignore the effectiveness of security cameras being